Ingentium provides the latest content on specific diseases that is of interest to patients, care givers, and healthcare providers. These articles and papers can be accessed via news channels as well as social media – such as Feedly, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and others. Ingentium offers free access to its magazines where readers can post comments, create alerts, and join specific communities of interest that span major health and wellness topics.

Ingentium uses a novel big data cyberinfrastructure technology to aggregate and refine the latest news and information into focused, disease-specific knowledge bases, which can also be viewed as knowledge graphs (visualizations of the relationships between data in the knowledge base). These knowledge bases are used to deliver media to patients, physicians, and the medical research community in our Health Magazines, a component of the Ingentium Health Network.


Parkinson's Disease


Huntington's Disease

Major Depressive Disorder



Chikungunya Virus