FUMS 022 – Benefits of Physical Therapy for MS with Dr. Gretchen Hawley

FUMS 022 – Benefits of Physical Therapy for MS with Dr. Gretchen Hawley

Publication date: Sep 28, 2018

Being able to brainstorm and solve the symptoms people are having and how to help them in their daily lives is what Gretchen Hawley loves most about her job. Even with the uncertainty of how the disease manifests itself with different people. Gretchen is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in Multiple Sclerosis. It has become her advocacy to help each of her patients reach their goals in as many ways as she can. It’s never boring to do things when your heart is in the right place. At the end of this episode, Dr. Hawley tells us about her plans on launching a virtual PT program. She walks us through how she started a Youtube Channel and an Instagram account to better reach her patients from different locations. She created these in order to teach and encourage people that they can exercise in the comfort of their homes. In this episode we discuss: Her journey towards becoming a Certified MS Specialist. What made her interested in working with people with MS. General Nutrition and Cognitive Therapy. Dr. Hawley’s Advocacy and Strategic Tips for MSers when fatigue kicks in. Determining the best therapy for every MS patients. The comfortable temperature for every patient during therapy sessions. The importance of Water Therapy. Resources every one could use to find an MS PT near them. Resources mentioned in this episode (clickable links): National Multiple Sclerosis Society MS Navigator The Multiple Sclerosis Association Of America: MSAA National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Home Products Recommended by Dr. Hawley: HyperKewl Cooling Vests HyperKewl Wrist Wraps Koldtec Ice Towel Where to find Dr. Gretchen Hawley: Email her at doctor.gretchen.hawley@gmail.com Instagram Youtube Channel **Today’s episode is brought to you by: Patients Getting Paid – a new course being developed by FUMS – to help patients find legitimate work from home opportunities and paid patient advocacy gigs. There are all kinds of companies looking for the kind of knowledge you have in living with your disease. You’ve got the disease, you’ve got the knowledge – you should get paid. Sign up now for more information at FUMSnow.com/PatientsGettingPaid. **Don’t forget to join us on the FUMS Facebook Page and on Twitter at FUMS. Have an idea for a topic or someone to interview? Perhaps YOU?? Send me an email at Kathy@FUMSnow.com. And remember to speak to this stupid disease as it deserves: tell it FUMS every day!!

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