Dysregulated circRNAs in plasma from active tuberculosis patients.

Dysregulated circRNAs in plasma from active tuberculosis patients.

Publication date: Sep 01, 2018

Endogenous circular RNAs (circRNAs) have been reported in various diseases. However, their role in active TB remains unknown. The study was aimed to determine plasma circRNA expression profile to characterize potential biomarker and improve our understanding of active TB pathogenesis. CircRNA expression profiles were screened by circRNA microarrays in active TB plasma samples. Dysregulated circRNAs were then verified by qRT-PCR. CircRNA targets were predicted based on analysis of circRNA-miRNA-mRNA interaction. GO and KEGG pathway analyses were used to predict the function of circRNA. ROC curve was calculated to evaluate diagnostic value for active TB. A total of 75 circRNAs were significantly dysregulated in active TB plasma. By further validation, hsa_circRNA_103571 exhibited significant decrease in active TB patients and showed potential interaction with active TB-related miRNAs such as miR-29a and miR-16. Bioinformatics analysis revealed that hsa_circRNA_103571 was primarily involved in ras signalling pathway, regulation of actin cytoskeleton, T- and B-cell receptor signalling pathway. ROC curve analysis suggested that hsa_circRNA_103571 had significant value for active TB diagnosis. Circulating circRNA dysregulation may play a role in active TB pathogenesis. Hsa_circRNA_103571 may be served as a potential biomarker for active TB diagnosis, and hsa_circRNA_103571-miRNA-mRNA interaction may provide some novel mechanism for active TB.

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Yi, Z., Gao, K., Li, R., and Fu, Y. Dysregulated circRNAs in plasma from active tuberculosis patients. 03754. 2018 J Cell Mol Med (22):9.

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