Proposing New Blockchain Challenges in eHealth.

Proposing New Blockchain Challenges in eHealth.

Publication date: Feb 07, 2019

The blockchain technology has reached a great boom in the health sector, due to its importance to overcome interoperability and security challenges of the EHR and EMR systems in eHealth. The main objective of this work is to show a review of the existing research works in the literature, referring to the new blockchain technology applied in ehealth and exposing the possible research lines and trends in which this technology can be focused. The search for blockchain studies in eHealth field was carried out in the following databases: IEEE Xplore, Google Scholar, Science Direct, PubMed, Web of Science and ResearchGate from 2010 to the present. Different search criteria were established such as: “Blockchain” AND (“eHealth” OR “EHR” OR “electronic health records” OR “medicine”) selecting the papers considered of most interest. A total of 84 publications on blockchain in eHealth were found, of which 18 have been identified as relevant works, 5.56% correspond to the year 2016, 22.22% to 2017 and 72.22% to 2018. Many of the publications found show how this technology is being developed and applied in the health sector and the benefits it provides. The new blockchain technology applied in eHealth identifies new ways to share the distributed view of health data and promotes the advancement of precision medicine, improving health and preventing diseases.

Alonso, S.G., Arambarri, J., L’opez-Coronado, M., and la Torre D’iez, de. Proposing New Blockchain Challenges in eHealth. 04066. 2019 J Med Syst (43):3.

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