Personalized Medicine and the Treatment of Hypertension.

Personalized Medicine and the Treatment of Hypertension.

Publication date: Feb 12, 2019

The purpose of this review is to discuss the implications of personalized medicine for the treatment of hypertension, including resistant hypertension.

We suggest a framework for the personalized treatment of hypertension based on the concept of a trade-off between simplicity and personalization. This framework is based on treatment strategies classified as low, medium, or high information burden personalization approaches. The extent to which a higher information burden is justified depends on the clinical scenario, particularly the ease with which the blood pressure can be controlled. A one-size-fits-many treatment strategy for hypertension is efficacious for most people; however, a more personalized approach could be useful in patients with subtypes of hypertension that do not respond as expected to treatment. Clinicians seeing patients with unusual hypertension phenotypes should be familiar with emerging trends in personalized treatment of hypertension.

Melville, S. and Byrd, J.B. Personalized Medicine and the Treatment of Hypertension. 04073. 2019 Curr Hypertens Rep (21):2.

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