Prevalence, Immunotherapy Use in Anorectal Mucosal Melanoma Found to Be Increasing

Publication date: Mar 14, 2019

The National Cancer Database (NCDB), a nationwide, hospital registry, clinical oncology database jointly sponsored by the American College of Surgeons and the American Cancer Society, was interrogated for cases of ARMM captured during the period from 2004 to 2015.

A retrospective analysis of the 1333 cases of ARMM included in the NCDB showed a significant increase in prevalence of the disease from 2004 (6. 99%) to 2015 (10. 53%; P

Concepts Keywords
ARMM Melanomas
Comorbidities Forms melanoma
Demographic Health
Hospital Clinical medicine
Immunotherapy Medicine
Melanoma RTT
Melanomas Melanoma
Socioeconomic Status Immunotherapy
Tumor Mucosal melanoma
Rare diseases
Cancer treatments


Type Source Name
disease MESH comorbidities
disease DOID Cancer
disease MESH Cancer
pathway BSID Melanoma
disease DOID melanoma
disease MESH melanomas
disease DOID Mucosal Melanoma


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