Study Cites Factors Associated With Sleep Benefit In Parkinson’s Disease

Study Cites Factors Associated With Sleep Benefit In Parkinson’s Disease

Publication date: Mar 14, 2019

Parkinson’s patients who have had the disease for a long time, who do not sleep very efficiently, and have higher motor impairment are more likely to experience sleep benefit – the phenomenon in which Parkinson’s patients wake up feeling better before taking medication.

Still, the team wondered whether patient characteristics – from age and sex to sleep patterns and disease score – might predict which patients would experience sleep benefit.

After a search of the existing scientific literature, the investigators identified seven studies reporting on sleep benefit that included more than 1,300 Parkinson’s disease patients.

However, the investigators did identify three factors that were predictive of experiencing sleep benefit: having had Parkinson’s for a long time; having a low sleep efficiency; and having a high score on the MDS-UPDRS-Ⅲ, a scale used to assess the severity of Parkinson’s motor symptoms, while on medication.

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