Dynamical systems approaches to personalized medicine.

Dynamical systems approaches to personalized medicine.

Publication date: Apr 09, 2019

The complexity of the human body is a major roadblock to diagnosis and treatment of disease. Individuals may be diagnosed with the same disease but exhibit different biomarker profiles or physiological changes and, importantly, they may respond differently to the same risk factors and the same treatment. There is no doubt that computational methods of data analysis and interpretation must be developed for medicine to evolve from the traditional population-based approaches to personalized treatment strategies. We discuss how computational systems biology is contributing to this current evolution.

Davis, J.D., Kumbale, C.M., Zhang, Q., and Voit, E.O. Dynamical systems approaches to personalized medicine. 04411. 2019 Curr Opin Biotechnol (58):

Concepts Keywords
Biomarker Personalized medicine
Evolution Medical diagnosis
Personalized Medicine Medical signs
Roadblock Chemical pathology
Branches of biology
Clinical medicine
Computational systems


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disease MESH risk factors
disease MESH diagnosis


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