Blocking BRAF ubiquitination may be an effective treatment approach in melanoma

Blocking BRAF ubiquitination may be an effective treatment approach in melanoma

Publication date: Apr 25, 2019

Scientists have known that BRAF becomes activated by growth factors and subsequently stimulates downstream proteins that promote cancer cell growth, invasion and survival.

They found that pro-inflammatory cytokines released from immune cells stimulate the protein ITCH to modify BRAF by ubiquitination.

This ubiquitination modification prevents BRAF from interacting with inhibitory proteins, thereby maintaining the activity of BRAF and allowing it to stimulate the downstream proteins that promote cancer growth and metastasis.

“Our study reveals a pivotal role for ITCH-mediated BRAF ubiquitination in coordinating the signals between cytokines and the MAPK pathway activation in melanoma cells.

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