Taking the Lead in Precision Medicine as a Surgeon

Taking the Lead in Precision Medicine as a Surgeon

Publication date: Apr 29, 2019

In epsiode 6, Dr. Peter Beitsch, Chief Physician of the Dallas Surgical Group and an executive with the TME Breast Cancer Network, joined us to discuss his study published by the Clinical Journal of Oncology titled, Underdiagnosis of Hereditary Breast Cancer: Are Genetic Testing Guidelines a Tool or an Obstacle? During the episode, he spoke in-depth about the results of that study and the implications for the future of precision medicine in cancer care. This episode is Part Two of that discussion in which we learn more about how Dr. Beitsch uncovered flaws in population-based cancer treatments and began to advocate for individualized patient care.

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Dallas Cancer care
Hereditary Breast Cancer
Population-based cancer
Evidence-based medicine
Precision medicine
Systems biology
Breast cancer
Treatment of cancer
Branches of biology


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disease MESH Breast Cancer
disease DOID Breast Cancer
pathway BSID Breast cancer
disease MESH cancer
disease DOID cancer


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