The hottest time in gene therapy, ever! with Nicole Paulk | Talking Precision Medicine #10

The hottest time in gene therapy, ever! with Nicole Paulk | Talking Precision Medicine #10

Publication date: Apr 30, 2019

In Talking Precision Medicine podcast we sit down with experts on the application of AI and big data analytics in the drug discovery space. Our guests are innovators, business decision makers and thought leaders at the intersection of data and therapeutics. We discuss the promise, practice, challenges, and myths of AI in precision medicine. This show is brought to you by Genialis, and Rafael, our CEO, is your host. Genialis is focused on data integration and predictive modeling of disease biology to help accelerate the discovery and de-risk the development of novel therapeutics. Today we speak with Dr. Nicole Paulk. Nicole is an assistant professor at the University of California San Francisco, and the Advisory Lead for Genome Engineering at Chan Zuckerberg Biohub. Nicole’s lab builds technologies to advance the entire field of viral gene therapy. They are a force behind the rising tide lifting the gene therapy industry. She is also committed to training the next generation of scientist innovators.

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