The Global Burden of Cancer Pain.

The Global Burden of Cancer Pain.

Publication date: May 07, 2019

To provide an overview of the global disparities in cancer pain management. To discuss cultural, religious, and spiritual considerations in cancer pain assessment and management.

Peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, Internet.

Significant disparities in pain management exist globally, especially in developing countries. Cultural and religious differences influence pain care and opioid availability is lacking in many countries. Significant barriers impede good pain management; however, some countries have made positive strides in improving pain management for their population.

Globally, nurses have a vital role in recognizing and addressing barriers to good pain management and can be ambassadors to advocate for improved pain assessment and management globally.

Can, G., Mushani, T., Rajhi, B.H.A., and Brant, J.M. The Global Burden of Cancer Pain. 03502. 2019 Semin Oncol Nurs.

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