The significance of microbiome in personalized medicine.

The significance of microbiome in personalized medicine.

Publication date: May 13, 2019

Considering the important role of microbiome, many of current investigations have focused on its beneficial aspects. Although, research explores new dimensions of the impact of microbiome and examines the differences in patients and healthy individuals for identifying biomarker patterns, but limited information is available, and investigation in this field seems to be of great value. On the other hand, new therapeutic approaches, called personalized medicine, have opened a new window in medical science, and the association between microbiome and personalized medicine seems to be one of the most interesting aspects of the subsequent research, and has a pivotal perspective on the treatment of diseases such as cancer. Accordingly, given the novelty of the relationship between these two axes, there are very few studies in this regard. The presence of specific strains may have the ability to modulate cancer progression and therapeutics; this increases the likelihood of precision medicine in relation to microbiota, in terms of treatment and prognosis, and therefore, microbiota is a next generation medicine and may develop a novel therapeutic action in this field.

Behrouzi, A., Nafari, A.H., and Siadat, S.D. The significance of microbiome in personalized medicine. 04591. 2019 Clin Transl Med (8):1.

Concepts Keywords
Biomarker Human Microbiome Project
Cancer Pharmacomicrobiomics
Microbiome Gut flora
Microbiota Human microbiota
Personalized Medicine Bacteria
Prognosis Organisms
Environmental microbiology
Branches of biology


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disease DOID cancer
disease MESH cancer


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