The Impact of Epigenetics on Cardiovascular Disease.

The Impact of Epigenetics on Cardiovascular Disease.

Publication date: May 21, 2019

Mortality and morbidity from the cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) represents a huge burden to society. It is recognized that environmental and individual lifestyle factors play important roles in disease susceptibility but the link between these external risk factors and our genetics was previously unclear. However, the discovery of sequence-independent heritable DNA changes (epigenetics) have helped explain the link between genes and environment. Multiple diverse epigenetic processes, including DNA methylation, histone modification and the expression of non-coding RNA molecules, affect the expression of genes which produce important changes in cellular differentiation and function, influencing the health and adaptability of the organism. CVDs such as congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy, heart failure, cardiac fibrosis, hypertension and atherosclerosis are now being viewed as much more complex and dynamic disorders. The role of epigenetics in these and other CVDs is currently under intense scrutiny and we can expect important insights to emerge, including novel biomarkers and new approaches to enable precision medicine. This review will summarize recent advances in our understanding of the role of epigenetics in CVD.

Prasher, D., Greenway, S.C., and Singh, R.B. The Impact of Epigenetics on Cardiovascular Disease. 04642. 2019 Biochem Cell Biol.

Concepts Keywords
Atherosclerosis CVD
Biomarkers Cardiovascular disease
Cardiomyopathy Biomarker
Cardiovascular Diseases Genetic mapping
Cellular Differentiation Lamarckism
Congenital Heart Disease Epigenetics
Epigenetic Branches of biology
Epigenetics Complex dynamic disorders
Heart Failure
Histone Modification
Precision Medicine


Type Source Name
disease DOID atherosclerosis
disease MESH atherosclerosis
disease DOID hypertension
disease MESH hypertension
disease MESH fibrosis
disease MESH heart failure
disease DOID cardiomyopathy
disease MESH cardiomyopathy
disease DOID congenital heart disease
disease MESH Multiple
disease MESH risk factors
disease MESH lifestyle
disease MESH Cardiovascular Disease

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