Episode 92: MS Research with Dr. Jeffrey Huang

Episode 92: MS Research with Dr. Jeffrey Huang

Publication date: Jun 03, 2019

MS research scientist Dr. Jeffrey Huang is this year’s recipient of the Harry Weaver Neuroscience Scholar Award from the National MS Society. On this week’s podcast, we’re talking with Dr. Huang about his potentially groundbreaking research, and we’ll even ask him how one becomes an MS research scientist. We’re also talking about the lectures, presentations, and education sessions that took place last week at the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers Annual Meeting. We’ll explain why we don’t think that MS caregivers need more support resources — and we’ll tell you what we think they do need. We’ll tell you about a possible connection between stress, gut bacteria, and MS. We’ll explain how a research team determined that simvastatin (Zocor) may help people living with MS differently than it helps people lower their cholesterol. And you’ll hear about a new collaboration that may lead to better clinical trials. Our contest ended this past Friday, and this week, we’re announcing who will be joining me as my special guest on the 100th episode of RealTalk MS! We have a lot to talk about. Are you ready for RealTalk MS??! ___________ Consortium of MS Centers Annual Meeting Review :38 Do MS Caregivers Need More Support Resources…Or Is It Something Else? 3:29 Can Stress Affect Our Gut Bacteria And Cause an Autoimmune Reaction? 8:00 Simvastatin Affects People with MS Differently Than It Lowers Cholesterol 9:18 AbbVie & MC10 Announce MS Clinical Trials Using FDA-Approved Wearable Device 11:47 My Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Huang 14:30 I Reveal Our Contest Winner! Who Will Join Me for Episode 100? 28:18 ___________ ADD YOUR VOICE TO THE CONVERSATION I’ve always thought about the RealTalk MS podcast as a conversation. And this is your opportunity to join the conversation by sharing your feedback, questions, and suggestions for topics that we can discuss in future podcast episodes. Please shoot me an email or call the RealTalk MS Listener Hotline and share your thoughts! Email: jon@realtalkms.comPhone: (310) 526-2283 ___________ LINKS If your podcast app doesn’t allow you to click on these links, you’ll find them in the show notes in the RealTalk MS app or at www.RealTalkMS.com CMSC Annual Meeting Day 1 CMSC Annual Meeting Day 2 CMSC Annual Meeting Day 3 STUDY: Preferences, Needs, & Opportunity Areas for US Multiple Sclerosis Caregivers STUDY: Social-Stress-Responsive Microbiota Induces Stimulation of Self-Reactive Effector T Helper Cells STUDY: Applying Causal Models to Explore the Mechanism of Action of Simvastatin in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Download the RealTalk MS App for iOS Download the RealTalk MS App for Android Give RealTalk MS a Rating & Review MC10’s BioStamp nPoint System ___________ Follow RealTalk MS on Twitter, @RealTalkMS_jon, and subscribe to our newsletter at our website, RealTalkMS.com. RealTalk MS Episode 92 Hosted By: Jon Strum Guest: Dr. Jeffrey Huang Tags: MS, MultipleSclerosis, MSResearch, CMSC2019, Caregiving, Simvastatin, AbbVieUS, mc10inc, RealTalkMS

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