Oncoproteomics: Current status and future opportunities.

Oncoproteomics: Current status and future opportunities.

Publication date: Jun 06, 2019

Oncoproteomics is the systematic study of cancer samples using omics technologies to detect changes implicated in tumorigenesis. Recent progress in oncoproteomics is already opening new avenues for the identification of novel biomarkers for early clinical stage cancer detection, targeted molecular therapies, disease monitoring, and drug development. Such information will lead to new understandings of cancer biology and impact dramatically on the future care of cancer patients. In this review, we will summarize the advantages and limitations of the key technologies used in (onco)proteogenomics, (the Omics Pipeline), explain how they can assist us in understanding the biology behind the overarching “Hallmarks of Cancer”, discuss how they can advance the development of precision/personalised medicine and the future directions in the field.

He, Y., Mohamedali, A., Huang, C., Baker, and Nice, E.C. Oncoproteomics: Current status and future opportunities. 04767. 2019 Clin Chim Acta.

Concepts Keywords
Biomarkers Drug development
Drug Development Biomarker
Omics OMICS Publishing Group
Tumorigenesis Proteomics
Clinical medicine
Branches of biology
Molecular therapies
Hallmarks Cancer


Type Source Name
disease MESH development
disease DOID cancer
disease MESH tumorigenesis
disease MESH cancer

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