Sufentanil Sublingual Tablet: A New Option for Acute Pain Management.

Sufentanil Sublingual Tablet: A New Option for Acute Pain Management.

Publication date: Jul 07, 2019

Objective: The purpose of this article is to review the safety and efficacy of sufentanil sublingual tablet (SST) and suggest its place in therapy for managing acute pain in patients requiring intravenous (IV) opioids. Data Sources: A MEDLINE/PubMed search was performed (2010 to April 2019) using the following keywords: sufentanil sublingual tablet, sufentanil, opioid, moderate to severe acute pain. Study Selection and Data Extraction Quantification: We included English language articles evaluating SST pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, efficacy, and safety in humans for the treatment of acute pain. Data Synthesis: SST is Food and Drug Administration approved and considered safe and effective for the treatment of acute pain in Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy-certified and medically supervised health care settings. Phase III clinical trials showed a statistically significant decrease in summed pain intensity score when SST was compared with placebo. Relevance to Patient Care and Clinical Practice: SST can be a useful option in patients requiring a parenteral opioid who do not have IV access, or it may be unnecessary or difficult to obtain. Because of its quick onset and sustained analgesia, SST may also be useful for procedural pain in the critically ill, to expedite discharges for outpatient procedures, in emergency departments (EDs), and in the battlefield. Conclusions: SST can satisfy an unmet need in patients with acute pain, who require parenteral opioids, and either have no IV access or require prolonged time to achieve IV access such as patients in outpatient surgical centers, EDs, and the battlefield. During periods of parenteral opioid shortage, SST may provide another option for adequate analgesia.

Reardon, C.E., Kane-Gill, S.L., Smithburger, P.L., and Dasta, J.F. Sufentanil Sublingual Tablet: A New Option for Acute Pain Management. 03735. 2019 Ann Pharmacother.

Concepts Keywords
Analgesia Pain
Clinical Trials Pain management
EDs Drugs
Intravenous Psychoactive drugs
Opioid General anesthetics
Opioids Opioids
Pain Euphoriants
Parenteral Anilides
Pharmacokinetics Sufentanil
Pharmacology Analgesic
Placebo Pain
PubMed Fentanyl
SST Ketamine
Sublingual Tablet Pharmacokinetics


Type Source Name
disease MESH emergency
disease MESH critically ill
disease DOID analgesia
drug DRUGBANK Sufentanil


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