Americans are not living longer, healthier lives. Can functional medicine change that?

Americans are not living longer, healthier lives. Can functional medicine change that?

Publication date: Aug 09, 2019

It is no secret that the causes of many common health problems stem from lifestyle factors such as diet, inactivity and stress, however our health care system doesn’t strive to identify and ameliorate these root causes of chronic illness.

If you are seeking out a lifestyle approach to better health that focuses on prevention, functional medicine may be right for you.

At Parsely Health, a healthcare company with offices across the county, doctors offer primary care services that combine modern medicine and technology with a functional, whole body approach.

Unlike unqualified health coaches or those who earn quick online certificates, functional medicine practitioners are doctors or other medical professionals practicing evidence-based health care using modern diagnostic testing.

If you are interested in incorporating functional medicine into your health care, it is important to seek services from a qualified provider.

As health care costs are rising while Americans are not achieving better health outcomes, functional medicine couldn’t be gaining attention at a better time.

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