Developments in the Management of Stage III Melanoma

Developments in the Management of Stage III Melanoma

Publication date: Aug 16, 2019

Hussein A. Tawbi, MD, PhD, provides a historical overview of how patients with stage III melanoma have generally been managed and reacts to more recent developments regarding how to better approach and treat patients.

Concepts Keywords
Beer Immunotherapy
Dissection Surgery
Eso Melanoma
Immunotherapy Lymphedema
Lymph Node Dissection Nodal involvement disease
Lymphedema Medicine
Mab Clinical medicine
Magnitude Medical specialties
Melanoma RTT
PhD Surgical oncology
Primary Tumor Cancer
Relapse Melanoma
Sentinel Lymph Node Sentinel lymph node
Street Lymphadenectomy
Targeted Therapy Lymphedema
Toxicity Adjuvant therapy
Breast cancer management


Type Source Name
disease MESH Melanoma
disease DOID Melanoma
pathway BSID Melanoma
drug DRUGBANK Tropicamide


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