#ECTRIMS2019 – Mapi Pharma to Detail Latest Trial Data on GA Depot in Treating RRMS and PPMS

#ECTRIMS2019 – Mapi Pharma to Detail Latest Trial Data on GA Depot in Treating RRMS and PPMS

Publication date: Sep 09, 2019

Mapi Pharma will present recent advances in its potential multiple sclerosis (MS) therapies, including GA Depot, at the 35th Congress of the European Committee for Treatment and Researchers in Multiple Sclerosis (ECTRIMS) opening this week. Among the work disclosed will be updated safety data on once-monthly GA Depot (glatiramer acetate, extended-release) treatment in people with relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) and primary progressive MS (PPMS), as well as from a three-year Phase 2 analysis in RRMS patients. Some GA Depot clinical results will be presented at ECTRIMS 2019 in the electronic poster -Glatiramer acetate depot (extended-release) accumulated safety data in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis primary progressive multiple sclerosis phase IIa studies” (EP1552). -Mapi is working to be the leading MS company with a long acting GA Depot product for RRMS, a unique product for PPMS, a combination treatment of a depot treatment and stem cells for secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS), and a novel treatment anti-BMP remyelination agent for MS,” Ehud Marom, the company’s chairman and CEO, said in the release.

Concepts Keywords
Acetate BMP
Administrated Relapsing–remitting
BMP Multiple sclerosis
BMP Signals Medical specialties
CEO Glatiramer acetate
Copaxone Medicine
Demyelinating Diseases Organ systems
Demyelination Progressive multiple sclerosis
Disability MS
Extended Release MS therapies
Frequency Patient
Glatiramer Acetate
Multiple Sclerosis
Myelin Sheath
Nerve Cells
Phase IIa
Small Molecule
Teva Pharmaceuticals


Type Source Name
disease DOID RRMS
disease DOID PPMS
disease MESH multiple sclerosis
disease DOID multiple sclerosis
drug DRUGBANK Glatiramer
drug DRUGBANK Acetate ion
pathway BSID Release
disease MESH relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis
disease MESH primary progressive multiple sclerosis
disease MESH demyelinating diseases
drug DRUGBANK Dibotermin alfa
disease DOID secondary progressive multiple sclerosis


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