Noninvasive imaging in cancer immunotherapy: the way to precision medicine.

Noninvasive imaging in cancer immunotherapy: the way to precision medicine.

Publication date: Sep 06, 2019

Molecular medicine requires a more precise treatment directed at molecular aberrations detected in tumors on an individual patient level. Immunotherapies empower the body’s own immune system to confront tumor cells; however, their efficacy is often affected by tumor heterogeneity. Numerous noninvasive imaging techniques are available to monitor changes in tumor function reflecting therapeutic response, including immunotherapy, and to realize personalized response evaluation. For immunotherapy, strategies for using noninvasive imaging as a prognostic biomarker to identify patients who could benefit from targeted immunotherapy and predict early responders/nonresponders may ultimately lead to improved clinical management, individualized therapy regimens, and better prediction of patient outcomes. Herein, we summarize the recent progress in noninvasive imaging of immunotherapeutic targets such as immune cells, immune checkpoint inhibitors, immune vaccines, and T-cell therapy with chimeric antigen receptor, and review the clinical application of noninvasive imaging in immunotherapy. Finally, we describe the application of multimodal/multispectral imaging and radiomics, which may offer future direction for precision imaging in immunotherapy. With further progress of noninvasive imaging, guiding cancer immunotherapy into the era of precision medicine would be a promising option.

Du, Y., Qi, Y., Jin, Z., and Tian, J. Noninvasive imaging in cancer immunotherapy: the way to precision medicine. 05373. 2019 Cancer Lett.

Concepts Keywords
Aberrations Clinical management
Biomarker Tumor
Chimeric Antigen Receptor Tumors
Heterogeneity Immunotherapy
Immune Cells Immunotherapies
Immune System Cell therapy
Immunotherapeutic Medicine
Immunotherapies Clinical medicine
Immunotherapy Cancer treatments
Multimodal Virotherapy
Multispectral Imaging Immunotherapy
Precision Medicine Checkpoint inhibitor
T Cell Molecular imaging
Tumor Biomarker
Cancer immunotherapy
Active immunotherapy
Targeted immunotherapy
Cell therapy


Type Source Name
drug DRUGBANK Tropicamide
pathway BSID Immune System
disease DOID cancer
disease MESH cancer


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