Debutant iOS app and gene-disease complexities in clinical genomics and precision medicine.

Debutant iOS app and gene-disease complexities in clinical genomics and precision medicine.

Publication date: Oct 04, 2019

The last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the availability of scientific data, where human-related biological databases have grown not only in count but also in volume, posing unprecedented challenges in data storage, processing, analysis, exchange, and curation. Next generation sequencing (NGS) advancements have facilitated and accelerated the process of identifying genetic variations. Adopting NGS with Whole-Genome and RNA sequencing in a diagnostic context has the potential to improve disease-risk detection in support of precision medicine and drug discovery. Several bioinformatics pipelines have been developed to strengthen variant interpretation by efficiently processing and analyzing sequence data, whereas many published results show how genomics data can be proactively incorporated into medical practices and improve utilization of clinical information. To utilize the wealth of genomics and health, there is a crucial need to generate appropriate gene-disease annotation repositories accessed through modern technology.

Our focus here is to create a comprehensive database with mobile access to actionable genes and classified diseases, considered the foundation for clinical genomics and precision medicine. We present a publicly available iOS app, PAS-Gen, which invites global users to freely download it on iPhone and iPad devices, quickly adopt its easy to use interface, and search for genes and related diseases. PAS-Gen was developed using Swift, XCODE, and PHP scripting that uses Web and MySQL database servers, which includes over 59,000 protein-coding and non-coding genes, and over 90,000 classified gene-disease associations. PAS-Gen is founded on the clinical and scientific premise that easier healthcare and genomics data sharing will accelerate future medical discoveries.

We present a cutting-edge gene-disease database with a smart phone application, integrating information on classified diseases and related genes. The PAS-Gen app will assist researchers, medical practitioners, and pharmacists by providing a broad and view of genes that may be implicated in the likelihood of developing certain diseases. This tool with accelerate users’ abilities to understand the genetic basis of human complex diseases and by assimilating genomic and phenotypic data will support future work to identify gene-specific designer drugs, target precise molecular fingerprints for tumors, suggest appropriate drug therapies, predict individual susceptibility to disease, and diagnose and treat rare illnesses.

Ahmed, Z., Zeeshan, S., Xiong, R., and Liang, B.T. Debutant iOS app and gene-disease complexities in clinical genomics and precision medicine. 05527. 2019 Clin Transl Med (8):1.

Concepts Keywords
Biological Databases DNA
Designer Drugs Emerging technologies
Drug Discovery Molecular biology
Gene Biotechnology
Genetic Life sciences
Healthcare Branches of biology
Incorporated Practices Drug therapies
IOS Individual susceptibility disease
IPad Molecular fingerprints tumors
IPhone Edge gene disease
MySQL Easy interface search
PAS Biological databases
Phenotypic Gene Disease Database
PHP Precision medicine
Precision Medicine Whole genome sequencing
Protein Drug discovery
Sequencing PHP
Smart Phone Smart phone


Type Source Name
disease MESH tumors
drug DRUGBANK Aminosalicylic Acid


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