Globus Pallidus Stimulation to Treat Insomnia

Globus Pallidus Stimulation to Treat Insomnia

Publication date: Oct 07, 2019

Researchers are to determine if turning on an additional unilateral DBS (deep brain stimulation) electrode with stimulation to the globus pallidus externa (GPe) region of the brain will improve insomnia (sleep).

Concepts Keywords
Brain Years Severe insomnia
DBS Years Symptomatic Parkinsonism
Deep Brain Stimulation Deep brain stimulation
Dementia Medicine
Electrode Clinical medicine
Globus Medical specialties
Globus Pallidus Basal ganglia
GPS Psychiatric diagnosis
Insomnia RTT
ISI Neurosurgical procedures
Mayo Clinic Aging-associated diseases
Parkinson Deep brain stimulation
Parkinsonism Insomnia
Sleep Dementia
External globus pallidus


Type Source Name
disease MESH Insomnia
drug DRUGBANK Glypromate
disease MESH dementia
disease DOID dementia
disease MESH Parkinson Disease
disease DOID Parkinson Disease
disease DOID GPS

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