Medical Device Management in the World of Personalized Medicine

Medical Device Management in the World of Personalized Medicine

Publication date: Oct 08, 2019

As the nature of patient care evolves, so do global regulations governing the manufacture and supply chain for these personalized medical devices.

Medical device manufacturers require ERP solutions that can analyze vast volumes of data that can be used to enhance the patient experience and the quality of treatment.

Cloud-based ERP gives medical device manufacturers the software and the tools they need to effectively manage personalized patient devices.

Cloud-based ERP has enabled medical device manufacturers to develop more agile and responsive solutions that allow their organization to keep up with the changing nature of the industry.

Medical device manufacturers are finding that one of the most beneficial aspects of cloud-based ERP comes from the ease of gathering and sharing data and the improved decision making enabled through better analysis.

This has allowed healthcare providers and medical device manufacturers to partner closely in providing thorough treatment to their patients across the globe.

An ERP solution can record these malfunctions, adjustments, and repair as part of the complaint, non-conformance, and Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) process allowing the manufacturer to retain a comprehensive real-time Device History Record (DHR).

The medical device manufacturer can gather significant data from a substantial sample of patients and analyze this data to advance R&D and develop more reliable products and treatments.

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