Using Clinical Decision Support Tools To Facilitate Decision-Making In Precision Medicine

Using Clinical Decision Support Tools To Facilitate Decision-Making In Precision Medicine

Publication date: Nov 06, 2019

Getty To fulfill its promise precision medicine requires accurate decision support tools, especially to streamline biomarker testing so that the appropriate targeted therapies are prescribed.

Even in oncology, where precision medicine has advanced the farthest compared to other therapeutic categories, clinical decision tools are needed to sort through and analyze reams of clinical and molecular data for the purpose of optimizing treatment algorithms.

Elsevier’s Via Oncology, for example, operates a clinical decision support tool called Via Pathways, designed to inform the appropriate use of biomarker tests and corresponding targeted therapies.

According to recently released precision medicine cancer treatment clinical trial Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice (MATCH) only 15% of common tumors tested have actionable mutations.

Other companies that focus on clinical decision support tools, such as Tempus, are attempting to harness the power of AI.

Here, clinical decision tools, AI, and Big Data are changing the landscape.

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