EMR Defaults to Nudge Opioid Prescribing

EMR Defaults to Nudge Opioid Prescribing

Publication date: Nov 07, 2019

The investigators conducted a prospective, block-randomized study to determine whether and to what extent changes in the default settings in the electronic medical record (EMR) affect opioid prescriptions for patients discharged from emergency departments (EDs).

Concepts Keywords
Acetaminophen Drugs
California Chemical compounds
Discharge Morphinans
EDs Euphoriants
Hydrocodone Ketones
Opioid Hepatotoxins
Opioids Oxycodone
Oxycodone Hydrocodone
San Francisco Paracetamol
Medical prescription


Type Source Name
drug DRUGBANK Oxycodone
drug DRUGBANK Acetaminophen
drug DRUGBANK Hydrocodone
disease MESH emergency


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