Ketamine: When Delirium and Desperation Call for a Hero.

Ketamine: When Delirium and Desperation Call for a Hero.

Publication date: Nov 05, 2019

The use of ketamine in palliative care is becoming more common for challenging symptom management, namely cancer related pain and psychiatric conditions. However, there is much that remains unstudied and uncertain about ketamine’s clinical utility. In this case we examine a young cancer patient who was struggling with challenging neuropathic pain and significant existential anguish in the setting of metastatic pancreatic cancer and delirium. Despite concerns regarding baseline delirium we successfully used ketamine to better manage neuropathic pain, decrease overall opioid need, without exacerbating the preexisting delirium. Our case highlights the benefits of ketamine for neuropathic pain control in the face of delirium.

Moazam, C., Hirst, J., Mesarwi, P., and Atayee, R.S. Ketamine: When Delirium and Desperation Call for a Hero. 04204. 2019 J Pain Palliat Care Pharmacother.

Concepts Keywords
Delirium Opioid
Existential Neuropathic pain
Ketamine Peripheral neuropathy
Metastatic Delirium
Neuropathic Pain Ketamine
Opioid Amines
Pain RTT
Palliative Care Euphoriants
Symptom Acute pain
Psychoactive drugs
Pain delirium


Type Source Name
disease DOID face
drug DRUGBANK Tropicamide
pathway BSID Pancreatic cancer
disease DOID pancreatic cancer
disease MESH pancreatic cancer
disease MESH anguish
disease MESH neuropathic pain
disease DOID cancer
disease MESH cancer
disease MESH Delirium
drug DRUGBANK Ketamine


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