Ask the Experts – Deep Brain Stimulation and Other Surgical Interventions for Parkinson’s Disease

Ask the Experts – Deep Brain Stimulation and Other Surgical Interventions for Parkinson’s Disease

Publication date: Nov 12, 2019

Dr. Ron Alterman and Dr. Michael D. Fox from the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center at BIDMC discuss the efficacy of surgical treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Concepts Keywords
Acronym Imaging
Air Electricity bit
Atrophy Neuro pace devices
Autopsy Costly devices
Basal Technology batteries
Basil Painful dystonia
Battery S disease
Battery Pack Strokes
Brain Speech depression
Brain Surgery Movement disorder
Cortical Water studies infection
Crossword Movement Disorders BIDMC
Cycling Treatment epilepsy
DBS Tremor
Deep Brain Stimulation Patient s tremor
Dopamine Electrode stroke
DSO Numbness
Dyskinesia Embolism
Dystonia Bad dyskinesia
Electrode Patients tremor
Estonia Sides tremor
FDA Russian disease
Feeling Good Single strokes
Frequency Risk bleeding infection
Ganglia Disease right tremor
Idiopathic Parkinson s disease
Intellectual Property Fix tremor
Interrupt Hands infections
Israel Pains
Lark DBS electrode strokes
Magician Medication dyskinesia
Memory Cough
Mill Decades severe tremor
Ming Patient severe depression
Movement Disorder Essential tremor
Movement Disorders History disease
Mutation Incision
Neurons Deep Brain Stimulation
Neurosurgeon Invasive procedure
Neurosurgery Brain surgery
Nucleus Neurosurgery
Occupational Therapy Surgery surgery
Palace Occupational therapy
Parkinson Surgeries
Progressive Surgical treatments
Refractory Medicine
Royalties Branches of biology
Simulation Clinical medicine
Social Work Neurotechnology
South Atlantic Electrotherapy
Stiffness Neurophysiology
Substantia Nigra Neuroprosthetics
Surgeon Neurosurgical procedures
Thalamus Deep brain stimulation
Thes Neuromodulation
Tremor Parkinson’s disease
Ultraman Functional electrical stimulation
Urinary Incontinence GPS
Ventral Ultrasound
Yoga BBS


Type Source Name
disease MESH Movement Disorders


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