Austin startup HealthEcho aims to upgrade opioid treatment process

Austin startup HealthEcho aims to upgrade opioid treatment process

Publication date: Dec 03, 2019

Kasey Claborn, founder of Austin-based health technology startup HealthEcho, says her company is working to streamline addiction treatment and health care through a web-based platform that provides ways for patients, clinicians and service care providers to stay connected.

The platform is designed to coordinate care by putting patient tracking, medical records and referrals in a single place.

In addiction treatment, there is often little digital connection between the patient, clinician and secondary care, she said, “It’s one of the biggest pain points a lot of social workers and councilors saw,” Claborn said.

It’s common for patients to start opioid treatment care but never complete it, Claborn said.

“A patient dealing with addiction has a very difficult time navigating the health care system.

As long as patient releases the information, anyone involved with the care would be able to follow up and track the patients treatment, Claborn said.

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