In Clinic Physical Activity in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

In Clinic Physical Activity in Persons With Multiple Sclerosis

Publication date: Dec 05, 2019

The aim of htis study is to investigate the post intervention effects of daily feedback on actual physical activity levels derived from a wristworn accelerometer FITBIT combined with self-management training on in-clinic physical activity in persons with moderate to severe disability from MS.

Concepts Keywords
Accelerometer Weekly meeting
Activity Tracker Accelerometer device
Control Group Control
Counterparts Questionnaires telephone call
Disability Feedback physical activity
Fatigue Pain
FitBit Self management
Fitbit Multiple sclerosis
Gnocchi Fitbit
Hospital Disability
Italy Companies
Milan Biology
Mini Autoimmune diseases
Minimalist Medical specialties
Multiple Sclerosis Neurological disorders
Physical Activity
Santa Maria
Visual Acuity
Wearable Sensors


Type Source Name
disease MESH Multiple Sclerosis
disease MESH Diagnosis
disease MESH relapses
disease MESH visual

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