Episode 119: Gaining Access to MS Medications with Lisa Aquillano, PharmD, BCPS, MSCS

Episode 119: Gaining Access to MS Medications with Lisa Aquillano, PharmD, BCPS, MSCS

Publication date: Dec 09, 2019

What can you do when the MS medication you need can cost $80,000, $90,000 or even $100,000 a year, and you don’t have health insurance? Or you have health insurance, but your insurance company won’t approve the specific disease-modifying therapy that your neurologist thinks will be best for you? My guest is Lisa Aquillano, a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist in Multiple Sclerosis at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. And we’re talking about specific steps that you can take to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of gaining access to your MS disease-modifying therapy. We’re also talking about a remarkable program for people living with MS and their care partners. But the window to register for this program is just 24 hours long! And it’s coming up in 2 days! We’ll tell you all about the program and let you know exactly how to register. We’ll tell you about what may be an important new discovery of a molecule that completely resolves MS in mice. We’ll also tell you about a study that shows that people living with MS who are also dealing with depression are much more likely to develop debilitating disability sooner. And we’ll tell you how and why Google is cracking down on shady stem cell clinic ads. We have a lot to talk about! Are you ready for RealTalk MS??! ___________ CAN-DO Program: 24-Hour Registration Opens Dec. 12 2:15 MicroRNA Resolves Mouse Model of MS 5:39 FDA Approves 3 Generics for Gilenya 8:06 Depressed MS Patients Suffer More Serious Physical Disability Earlier 9:39 Google Cracks Down on Stem Cell Clinic Ads 12:25 My Interview with Lisa Aquillano 14:48 Share This Episode 32:19 How to Subscribe to RealTalk MS, Download the RealTalk MS App, and Listen with Alexa 32:43 ___________ SHARE THIS EPISODE OF REALTALK MS Just copy this link & paste it into your text or email: http://realtalkms.com/119 ___________ ADD YOUR VOICE TO THE CONVERSATION I’ve always thought about the RealTalk MS podcast as a conversation. And this is your opportunity to join the conversation by sharing your feedback, questions, and suggestions for topics that we can discuss in future podcast episodes. Please shoot me an email or call the RealTalk MS Listener Hotline and share your thoughts! Email: jon@realtalkms.comPhone: (310) 526-2283 ___________ LINKS If your podcast app doesn’t allow you to click on these links, you’ll find them in the show notes in the RealTalk MS app or at www.RealTalkMS.com Give RealTalk MS a Rating & Review The Can-Do Program STUDY: Oral Administration of miR-30d from Feces of MS Patients Suppresses MS-Like Symptoms in Mice By Expanding Akkermansia Muciniphila STUDY: Diability Worsening Among Persons with Multiple Sclerosis and Depression: A Swedish Cohort Study Give RealTalk MS a Rating & Review Download the RealTalk MS App for iOS Download the RealTalk MS App for Android ___________ Follow RealTalk MS on Twitter, @RealTalkMS_jon, and subscribe to our newsletter at our website, RealTalkMS.com. RealTalk MS Episode 119 Hosted By: Jon Strum Guests: Lisa Aquillano, PharmD, BCPS, MSCS Tags: MS, MultipleSclerosis, MSResearch, MSSociety, CanDoMS, Gilenya, Depression, Stemcells, RealTalkMS Privacy Policy

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