RealTalk MS Bonus: MS Mindshift with Cathy Chester

RealTalk MS Bonus: MS Mindshift with Cathy Chester

Publication date: Dec 15, 2019

This episode is sponsored by Celgene and the MS MindShift Initiative, which aims to educate about the important role the brain plays in MS. My guest is Cathy Chester, who is a paid spokesperson for the MS MindShift. Cathy has lived with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis since 1986 and knows that although she has MS, MS does not have her. Today, Cathy hopes to empower, educate and inspire others to live a rich, full life despite living with a disability. We’ll be talking to Cathy about how your brain health may be impacting your relationships as well as advice on how to have meaningful relationships while balancing symptoms of MS. We’ll also talk about the importance of brain health and share some lifestyle tips on what people living with MS can do to keep their brain healthy. To learn more about the brain’s role in MS and the lifestyle choices you can make to help keep your brain as healthy as possible for as long as possible, visit

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