Principles of Targeted Therapy for Melanoma.

Publication date: Feb 01, 2020

Targeted BRAF and MEK inhibition has become an appropriate first-line treatment of BRAF-mutant advanced cutaneous melanoma. The authors present an overview of the MAPK pathway as well as the other major pathways implicated in melanoma development. Melanoma brain metastases are a devastating complication of melanoma that can be traced to derangements in cell signaling pathways, and the current evidence for targeted therapy is reviewed. Finally, activating KIT mutations are rarely found to cause melanomas and may provide an actionable target for therapy. The authors review the current evidence for targeted KIT therapy and summarize the ongoing clinical trials.

Sun, J., Carr, M.J., and Khushalani, N.I. Principles of Targeted Therapy for Melanoma. 25255. 2020 Surg Clin North Am (100):1.

Concepts Keywords
BRAF Complication melanoma
Clinical Trials Melanomas
KIT Medicine
MEK Cancer
Melanoma Clinical medicine
Melanomas RTT
Mutant Melanoma
Targeted Therapy Cancer treatments
Antineoplastic drugs
Targeted therapy
Protein kinase inhibitor
Skin cancer


Type Source Name
disease MESH Melanoma
pathway KEGG Melanoma
disease MESH development
disease MESH metastases
disease MESH Skin Neoplasms


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