Parkinson’s drug can also curb dementia’s delusions, researchers find

Parkinson’s drug can also curb dementia’s delusions, researchers find

Publication date: Jan 07, 2020

A drug that curbs delusions in Parkinson’s patients did the same for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, according to a study that was stopped early because the benefit seemed clear.

If regulators agree, the drug could become the first treatment specifically for dementia-related psychosis and the first new medicine for Alzheimer’s in nearly two decades.

-This would be a very important advance,” said one independent expert, Dr. Howard Fillit, chief science officer of the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation.

He consults for Acadia and helped lead the study, which included about 400 people with dementia and psychosis.

Independent monitors stopped the study when they saw that those on dummy pills were more than twice as likely as those on the drug to relapse or worsen – 28% versus nearly 13%.

There were relatively few serious side effects – 5% in the drug group and 4% in the others.

Carrillo said the study was small, but the drug’s effect seemed large, and it’s not known whether the federal Food and Drug Administration would want more evidence to approve a new use.

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