Personal Genomics And Personalized Medicine

Personal Genomics And Personalized Medicine

Publication date: Jan 12, 2020

Current research in genomics and pharmacogenomics is increasingly highlighting the need to move towards stratified disease descriptions and individualized treatment plans. This book explains how a confluence of recent biological, technological and methodological developments is making it possible to provide personalized diagnoses and treatments. By virtue of treating each person’s condition as unique, personal genomics and personalized medicine require health professionals to understand the nature of the data, its health implications, and its limitations. This book provides a detailed scientific treatment of the emerging disciplines of personal genomics and personalized medicine. It also includes a comprehensive treatment of both the promises and challenges of personal genomics and medicine from technological, societal and medical perspectives. It offers a wide-ranging review of the state of the art across all aspects of a highly multi-disciplinary subject. This book will be immensely useful for practicing health professionals and researchers, as well as senior undergraduates and graduate students in biomedical sciences.

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Biomedical Sciences Medicine
Confluence Clinical medicine
Imperial College Branches of biology
Multi Disciplinary Genomics
Personalized Medicine Pharmacogenomics
Pharmacogenomics Pharmacology
Personalized medicine


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