Parkinson’s disease: From bench to bedside.

Publication date: Jan 09, 2020

Parkinson’s disease is a very complex public health problem with different etiologies and a wide range of clinical features including motor and non-motor symptoms. The aim of the current report is to review the latest advances in the understanding of PD etiologies, diagnosis, epidemiology and an overview of the earlier and latest advances in the management of PD, from L-DOPA to adult astroglia reprogramming into dopaminergic neurons in vivo.

Draoui, A., El Hiba, O., Aimrane, A., El Khiat, A., and Gamrani, H. Parkinson’s disease: From bench to bedside. 23621. 2020 Rev Neurol (Paris).

Concepts Keywords
Astroglia Parkinson’s disease
DOPA Epidemiology
Dopaminergic Environmental social science
Epidemiology Disease


Type Source Name
disease MESH diagnosis
drug DRUGBANK Levodopa
disease MESH Risk factors


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