Costs for supplements and combination drugs are rising

Costs for supplements and combination drugs are rising

Publication date: Jan 27, 2020

-Vitamin D helps muscle and bone health, helps gut absorption of other minerals (and) also plays a role in anxiety and depression,” said Dr. Frank Betanski, family medicine physician at Baylor Scott White Clinic in Killeen.

According to Betanski, patients with a darker skin tone especially benefit from the supplement since they are at a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency.

While costumers of local drug stores like CVS noticed a price range in vitamin D3 supplements, physicians including Betanski and AdventHealth Outpatient Pharmacy Manager Beika Zheng, were not aware of a general price increase.

The problem of rising prices also occurs in other medications such as combination drugs, which have spiked in price to the beginning of the year.

-Because there is such a discrepancy in price between individual patient circumstances, insurances and pharmacy prices, providers almost never know the price of the medications they provide,” Betanski said.

-Patient’s do not often realize the price of medications because they only pay a co pay,” Betanski said.

-Combination drugs are a tactic used by drug manufacturers to increase prices on medications,” Betanski said.

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