Cannabinoids Do Not Reduce Cancer Related Pain In Patients With Advanced Cancer

Cannabinoids Do Not Reduce Cancer Related Pain In Patients With Advanced Cancer

Publication date: Feb 08, 2020

As interest grows in the use of cannabinoids for the management of cancer-related pain, a recent study shows that they do not provide a benefit in pain management for patients with advanced cancer using opioids. For adults with advanced cancer adding cannabinoids to opioids did not reduce their cancer related pain and was associated with short term side effects, according to a study published in BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care. They set out to determine the beneficial effects and side effects of cannabinoids for the treatment of cancer-related pain in adults and found that adults with advanced cancer not only don’t derive benefit from it for pain management compared to placebo but also have more side effects from cannabinoids. The researchers conducted a systematic review of 2,805 unique records detailing the use of cannabinoids for cancer related pain, including studies that looked at THC and CBD, THC extract, nabiximols, Sativex and medical cannabis compared to placebo or other active agents for cancer related pain treatment.

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drug DRUGBANK Medical Cannabis
disease MESH Cancer


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