Documentary ‘Autism Goes to College’ opens dialogue about attending college with a disability

Documentary ‘Autism Goes to College’ opens dialogue about attending college with a disability

Publication date: Feb 12, 2020

Send Email Cancel A screening and discussion of Erik Linthorst’s 2019 documentary -Autism Goes to College” Monday night ignited debate over the issues faced by college students with autism and other disabilities at schools across the nation.

-I appreciated that they included both people in four and two year colleges and traditional and non-traditional students in terms of ages,” said Katherine Boukharov, president of the Disability Culture Club and junior auditory perception major.

-One of the things that we will see in films like the one we just watched is there is a tendency to try to, for lack of a better term, look for, ways to make disability friendly and often times it is to the detriment of the individuals involved,” said Hartwell.

Hartwell compared Jonathan’s story to his own experience struggling to make social connections in middle school and said that when he transitioned to college, he found that the diversity of social groups made it much easier for him to find his place.

Another important issue that the film touched on was the system of disability services in colleges and universities around the country.

Jeffrey Edelstein, a first year Ph. D. student and co-founder of the nonprofit College Autism Network, fielded a question from the audience which brought up the issue of ally-ship and how able students can best support their peers with disabilities.

The -Autism Goes to College” screening and discussion was sponsored by the Developmental Disabilities and Human Services Specialization, Student Success, the College of Engineering, Career Services, the Center for Student Success Research, and Disability Services.

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