Implementation of an Analgesia-sedation Algorithm in the Pediatric ICU to Reduce Benzodiazepine Use

Publication date: Feb 11, 2020

The purpose of the study is to develop and implement an evidence-based analgesia-sedation algorithm in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) using quality improvement and implementation science methodology. The analgesia-sedation protocol will be implemented for patients admitted to the pediatric ICU who require mechanical ventilation for greater than 24 hours. Specifically, we will examine the impact of this implementation on total benzodiazepine usage, ICU length of stay, and ventilator free days, using a pre- and post- algorithm implementation comparative design.

Concepts Keywords
Algorithm Analgesia sedation algorithm
Allergy Barriers algorithm
Analgesia Barriers algorithm
Benzodiazepine Clinical Admission Algorithm
Boston Dexmedetomidine
Infusion Midazolam
Mechanical Ventilation Sedation
Mechanically Ventilated RTT
Midazolam Intensive care unit
Pediatric Hospital departments
Protocol Anesthesia
QI Intensive care medicine
Sedation Medicine
Status Epilepticus Health
Tracheostomy Medical specialties


Type Source Name
disease MESH status epilepticus
drug DRUGBANK Benzodiazepine
drug DRUGBANK Dexmedetomidine
disease MESH allergy
drug DRUGBANK Midazolam


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