Biomarkers pave way for blood test to predict Parkinson’s progression

Biomarkers pave way for blood test to predict Parkinson’s progression

Publication date: Feb 13, 2020

While it is no crystal ball, a new blood test developed at Newcastle University and Cambridge University in the UK is offering hope of better patient management, with an ability to recognize early indicators of cognitive decline, dementia and progression of motor symptoms.

The study involved almost 250 subjects, of which more than 150 were patients recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD).

The idea was to draw blood samples from the Parkinson’s patients and measure certain biomarkers to see how reliably they could serve as predictors of cognitive and motor decline over the following three years.

The team also identified other senescence and inflammatory biomarkers at the start of the study that proved to be indicators of accelerated motor and cognitive decline across the three-year period.

Concepts Keywords
Biomarkers Dementia
Blood Biomarker
Blood Test Cellular senescence
Cambridge Cell biology
Cellular Senescence Cellular processes
Cognitive RTT
Cognitive Impairment Aging-associated diseases
Crystal Psychiatric diagnosis
Dementia Branches of biology
Inflammation Senescence inflammatory biomarkers
Neurodegeneration Cognitive impairment
Neurodegenerative Diseases Cumulative incidence dementia
Newcastle Signs inflammation
Parkinson Parkinson’s disease
Senescence Stem cells
Stem Cells


Type Source Name
disease MESH neurodegenerative diseases
disease MESH development
disease MESH senescence
pathway KEGG Cellular senescence
disease MESH inflammation
disease MESH dementia
disease MESH cognitive decline
drug DRUGBANK Tropicamide


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