T-Type Calcium Channels: A Potential Novel Target in Melanoma.

Publication date: Feb 08, 2020

T-type calcium channels (TTCCs) are overexpressed in several cancers. In this review, we summarize the recent advances and new insights into TTCC biology, tumor progression, and prognosis biomarker and therapeutic potential in the melanoma field. We describe a novel correlation between the Cav3.1 isoform and the increased basal autophagy in BRAF-mutant melanomas and after acquired resistance to BRAF inhibitors. Indeed, TTCC blockers reduce melanoma cell viability and migration/invasion in vitro and tumor growth in mice xenografts in both BRAF-inhibitor-sensitive and -resistant scenarios. These studies open a new, promising therapeutic approach for disseminated melanoma and improved treatment in BRAFi relapsed melanomas, but further validation and clinical trials are needed for it to become a real therapeutic option.

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Barcel’o, C., Sis’o, P., Maiques, O., la Rosa, de, Mart’i, R.M., and Maci`a, A. T-Type Calcium Channels: A Potential Novel Target in Melanoma. 25785. 2020 Cancers (Basel) (12):2.

Concepts Keywords
Autophagy Medicine
Basal BRAF
Basel RTT
Biomarker Cancer
BRAF Melanoma
BRAF Inhibitor Therapeutic potential melanoma
Calcium Melanomas
Clinical Trials Maci BRAFV600E melanoma
Correlation Cancers
T Type


Type Source Name
disease MESH death
drug DRUGBANK Pimozide
pathway KEGG Pancreatic cancer
disease MESH pancreatic cancer
disease MESH drug interactions
disease MESH hypertension
drug DRUGBANK Mibefradil
disease MESH lentigo maligna
drug DRUGBANK Methyprylon
disease MESH nevi
disease MESH metastasis
drug DRUGBANK Dabrafenib
pathway KEGG Mitophagy
drug DRUGBANK Calcium cation
disease MESH Inflammation
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M
disease MESH Pathology
pathway KEGG Autophagy
disease MESH growth
disease MESH melanocytic nevi
disease MESH congenital
pathway KEGG Gastric cancer
disease MESH gastric cancer
pathway KEGG Hepatocellular carcinoma
disease MESH hepatocellular carcinoma
disease MESH glioblastoma
disease MESH retinoblastoma
drug DRUGBANK Vemurafenib
disease MESH Hypoxia
pathway KEGG Apoptosis
disease MESH cancers
pathway KEGG Melanoma
disease MESH Melanoma
drug DRUGBANK Calcium
disease MESH relapses
disease MESH leukemia
disease MESH fibrosarcoma
drug DRUGBANK Vorinostat
disease MESH breast cancer
pathway KEGG Breast cancer
drug DRUGBANK Bismuth subgallate
drug DRUGBANK Lenomorelin
disease MESH carcinoma
drug DRUGBANK Potassium
drug DRUGBANK (S)-Des-Me-Ampa
drug DRUGBANK Carboplatin
drug DRUGBANK Guanosine
disease MESH Diagnosis
drug DRUGBANK Carboxyamidotriazole
disease MESH Hyperprolactinemia
pathway KEGG Steroid biosynthesis
disease MESH Senescence
drug DRUGBANK Nitrogen trichloride
drug DRUGBANK Snail unspecified
disease MESH drug addiction
drug DRUGBANK L-Glutamine
drug DRUGBANK Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate


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