Integrated Platform Drug Discovery and Development Companies – Part 1

Integrated Platform Drug Discovery and Development Companies – Part 1

Publication date: Oct 01, 2019

Technology was lauded as the saviour of the drug discovery and development process during the late 1990s. A myriad of independent companies developed and offered ‘innovative’ tools, technologies and platforms to pharmaceutical companies in order to mitigate the time, cost and risk of developing new therapeutic drugs. However, comparative analysis of FDA-approved New Molecular Entity (NME) and New Therapeutic Biologic (NTB) annual historical numbers announced does not reflect any significant productivity enhancement impact of such efforts. More recently there has been some attempt to amalgamate platform technologies within start-up and earlystage drug discovery and development (DDD) companies to increase drug candidate pipeline numbers. This strategy does not come without risks, but has quietly been implemented by a number of platform-DDD (PD3) companies. Original article by Dr Urban A. Kiernan and Dr Stephen Naylor If you’d like to view the original article then follow the link below: You can also download the original article pdf here: For more information on Drug Discovery World, head to:

Concepts Keywords
Accenture Pharmaceutical industry
Anemia Pharmaceutical clients
Artificial Intelligence Transportation
Asset Brand management
Assimilation Technology assimilation
Bandwidth Pharmaceutical product
Bane Technology partnering
Bill Words tour technology
Biologics Technology hype cycle
Biotech Analytical comic technologies
Bonanza Pharmaceutical management teams
Brand Management Pharmaceutical sector
Carpenter Technology simulation
Clinical Trials Upfront technology
Common Decision making tools
Corporation Large pharmaceutical
Cost Risk Technology development
Dhe Credible reputation
Digital Start-up
Drug Development Biological license applications
Drug Discovery Dhe technology innovation
Economics Driven startup
Enlightenment Stage technology innovation
Epidemic Technology trigger launch
Evolution Individual technology
FDA Therapeutic truck products
Financial Risk Ubiquitous technology
Glass Hyped technologies
Hammer Generations pharmaceutical scientists
Hybrid Approach platform technologies
Hybridized Credible technology
LinkedIn Technology development cycle
Madonna Treatment of obesity
Molecular Dynamics TB
Nature Appropriate disease
NME Specific disease
NTB Obesity related diseases
Obesity Anemia syndrome
Palpitation Health
Panacea Pharmaceutical sciences
Paradigm Pharmaceuticals policy
Paradigm Shift Pharmacy in China
Peak Drug pipeline
Pharma Drug development
Pharmaceutical Medication
Pharmaceutical Companies Drug discovery
Pharmaceutical Company Genomics
Pharmaceutical Industry Credible technology
Pharmacy CE platform technologies
Pipeline Words tour technology
Plateau Pdf
Podcast One Technology
Royalties Approach platform technologies
Safety Glasses Drug Discovery
Serena Artificial intelligence
Simulation Technology of platform
Spinout Simulation
Syndrome Drug development


Type Source Name
disease MESH Development
drug DRUGBANK Coenzyme M


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