New scanner can improve the detection of cancer tissue and brain disease diagnoses

New scanner can improve the detection of cancer tissue and brain disease diagnoses

Publication date: Mar 18, 2020

Credit: Kalle Kataila A group of neuroscience and neurotechnology researchers have conducted extensive research and developed a new brain imaging technology in two EU projects led by Aalto University.

As a result of the successful research, a new project funded by Business Finland just started with the aim of making the devices usable for patients.

The new device is also expected to help distinguish brain tumours from healthy tissue more accurately prior to cancer surgery.

The new device combines magnetoencephalography (MEG) and an unconventional type of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The hybrid device enables the measuring of both the precise structure of the brain, and the magnetic fields that the brain generates.

The new technology enables a quiet and more open device structure-the patient lies on a bed equipped with a helmet-shaped slot for the head.

“As the technology differs from conventional MRI in all its parts, we have had to design various new devices and solutions,” states Zevenhoven.

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