Prevention of Mental Health Problems in People Exposed to a Recent Highly Stressful Event.

Prevention of Mental Health Problems in People Exposed to a Recent Highly Stressful Event.

Publication date: Mar 19, 2020

This project evaluates the effectiveness of three intervention models for the prevention of mental health problems in people who have suffered a recent highly stressful event, through an experimental design, with a control group and random assignment of participants in each group . The preventive interventions that will be evaluated will be based on three different psychotherapeutic models: brief systemic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. It is expected to observe a significant reduction in post-traumatic and depressive symptoms, and an increase in subjective well-being and post-traumatic growth, compared to the control group. In addition, the moderating effect of psychological processes such as cognitive rumination, emotional self-regulation and coping strategies used in the relationship between the type of intervention and its results will be evaluated. If the hypotheses are confirmed, this study will allow the prevention of emotional distress associated with a highly stressful event, as well as the promotion of positive results, through empirically supported, low-cost strategies and with results that are capable of demonstrating their effectiveness.

Concepts Keywords
Ad Hoc Participants intervention control
Antofagasta Section intervention protocols
Battery Social networks
Breast Cancer Intervention control
Chile PTSD
Clinical Trial Breast cancer
Cognitive Traumatic symptoms depression
Cognitive Behavioral Cognitive behavioral therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Psychotherapy
Control Group Relaxation
Coping Articles
Coping Strategies Human behavior
Cross Health
Depression Psychiatric diagnosis
Disability RTT
Earthquake Abnormal psychology
Evolution Mind–body interventions
Experimental Design Cognitive behavioral therapy
Frequency Posttraumatic stress disorder
Maule Major depressive disorder
Mental Disorders Mindfulness
Mental Health Posttraumatic growth
Mindfulness CONSORT protocol
Random Assignment
Randomized Clinical Trial
Randomized Clinical Trials
Relaxation Training
Santo Tomas
Sexual Abuse
Social Networks
Systemic Therapy
Volcanic Eruptions


Type Source Name
disease MESH emotional distress
disease MESH growth
disease MESH depressive symptoms

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