Dosage of Epidural Morphine in Elderly Patients

Dosage of Epidural Morphine in Elderly Patients

Publication date: Mar 20, 2020

This a clinical trial that evaluates the efficacy and safety of three different doses of morphine, namely 1.5 mg, 3 mg and 4.5 mg, via the epidural route regarding reducing pain in elderly patients after a cancer surgery in the lower abdomen

Concepts Keywords
Abdomen Pain
Abdominal Surgery Abdominal surgery
Active Metabolites Incision
Analgesia Abdominal surgery Surgeries
Analgesic Polypharmacy
Assessor Drugs
Assiut Psychoactive drugs
Assuit Euphoriants
Body Mass RTT
Clinical Trial Morphinans
Cognitive Impairment Opioids
Epidural Morphine
Geriatrics Epidural administration
Malignancy Analgesic
Morbidly Obese Heroin
Morphine Ketamine
Neoplasms Failed back syndrome
Opioid Geriatrics
Opioids Pharmacokinetics


Type Source Name
disease MESH Abdominal Neoplasms
disease MESH contraindications
disease MESH Men
disease MESH cancer
drug DRUGBANK Morphine


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