Mental Health Specialist Video Consultations for Primary Care Patients

Mental Health Specialist Video Consultations for Primary Care Patients

Publication date: Mar 20, 2020

Even in Western health care systems, most people with mental disorders, including those with severe and chronic disorders, are treated solely by their general practitioner (GP). Notably, the accessibility of mental health specialist care is mainly complicated by (a) long waiting times for specialists, (b) long travel distances to specialists, particularly in rural and remote areas, (c) patients’ reservations about mental health specialist care (including fear of being stigmatised by seeking such care). To mitigate those barriers, technology-based integrated care models have been proposed. The purpose of this study is to measure the effectiveness of a mental health specialist video consultations model versus treatment as usual in patients with depression or anxiety disorders in primary care. In an individually randomized, prospective, two-arm superiority study with parallel group design, N = 320 patients with anxiety and/or depressive disorder will be recruited in GP practices.

Concepts Keywords
Accessibility Emergency treatment
Anxiety Psychotherapy
Anxiety Disorders Depressive disorder
Dementia Impairment dementia
Depression Severe chronic disorders
General Anxiety Disorder Moderately severe depression
General Practitioner Barriers technology
Heidelberg Care systems
Informed Consent Depression
Mental Disorders Mood disorders
Pregnancy Abnormal psychology
Primary Care Psychology
Psychotherapy Medical diagnosis
Psychotic Psychiatric diagnosis
Questionnaire Psychiatry
Randomisation Anxiety disorders
Society Mental disorder
Substance Abuse Major depressive disorder
Visual Impairment Generalized anxiety disorder
Barriers technology


Type Source Name
disease MESH dementia
disease MESH visual impairment
disease MESH cognitive impairment
disease MESH emergency
disease MESH substance abuse
disease MESH depressive disorder
disease MESH anxiety
disease MESH anxiety disorders
disease MESH depression
disease MESH mental disorders

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