3D printing for oral drug delivery: a new tool to customize drug delivery.

3D printing for oral drug delivery: a new tool to customize drug delivery.

Publication date: Mar 23, 2020

The involvement of recent technologies, such as nanotechnology and three-dimensional printing (3DP), in drug delivery has become the utmost importance for effective and safe delivery of potent therapeutics, and thus, recent advancement for oral drug delivery through 3DP technology has been expanded. The use of computer-aided design (CAD) in 3DP technology allows the manufacturing of drug formulation with the desired release rate and pattern. Currently, the most applicable 3DP technologies in the oral drug delivery system are inkjet printing method, fused deposition method, nozzle-based extrusion system, and stereolithographic 3DP. In 2015, the first 3D-printed tablet was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and since then, it has opened up more opportunities in the discovery of formulation for the development of an oral drug delivery system. 3DP allows the production of an oral drug delivery device that enables tailor-made formulation with customizable size, shape, and release rate. Despite the advantages offered by 3DP technology in the drug delivery system, there are challenges in terms of drug stability, safety as well as applicability in the clinical sector. Nonetheless, 3DP has immense potential in the development of drug delivery devices for future personalized medicine. This article will give the recent advancement along with the challenges of 3DP techniques for the development of oral drug delivery. Graphical abstract.

Pandey, M., Choudhury, H., Fern, J.L.C., Kee, A.T.K., Kou, J., Jing, J.L.J., Her, H.C., Yong, H.S., Ming, H.C., Bhattamisra, S.K., and Gorain, B. 3D printing for oral drug delivery: a new tool to customize drug delivery. 06560. 2020 Drug Deliv Transl Res.

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3D Printed Dimensional printing
CAD Drug delivery system
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Drug Delivery Dosage forms
Drug Delivery Device Natural sciences
Drug Formulation Medicinal chemistry
Extrusion Drug delivery
FDA Medical equipment
Inkjet Printing Pharmaceutical formulation
Nanotechnology Tablet
Nozzle Drug delivery
Personalized Medicine Drug delivery system
Tailor CAD


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