Ep#008: Leveraging AI for Personalized Treatment of Depression with Dr Maryna Polyakova

Ep#008: Leveraging AI for Personalized Treatment of Depression with Dr Maryna Polyakova

Publication date: Mar 25, 2020

In the eighth episode of the Personalized Medicine Podcast we discuss the role of AI in psychiatric treatments with Dr. Maryna Polyakova. Maryna is a medical doctor by training and a scientist who recieved her PhD from the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig. She is also the CEO and co-founder of AccuBio, a company that enables personalized treatments for depression leveraging AI approaches.Together with Maryna we discussed: ◦ The heterogeneity of depression ◦ Investigation of blood biomarkers for depression ◦ Integration of clinical neuroimaging, proteomic and genomic data ◦ Switching from researcher to entrepreneur, and back ◦ Science and business ◦ How entrepreneurs can transfer their ideas to clinics ◦ What motivates young entrepreneurs starting companies in healthcare (hint: not money) ◦ Why is it hard to find treatment for neurodegenerative diseases ◦ Alzheimer’s disease beyond amyloid theory ◦ The role of personalized medicine in neurological disordersGet in touch with Maryna: ◦ Twitter: @dr_polyakova ◦ LinkedIn: Dr. Maryna Polyakova ◦ Mail: polyakova@cbs.mpg.de ◦ Web (Max Planck Institute): Maryna PolyakovaMake sure to download the full show notes with our guest’s bio, links to their most notable work and our recommendations for further reads on the topic of the episode at personalizedmedicinemedia.com

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