Episode 141: How COVID-19 Affects People With MS with Dr. Robert Shin

Episode 141: How COVID-19 Affects People With MS with Dr. Robert Shin

Publication date: May 11, 2020

For the past 8 weeks, we’ve been talking about COVID-19 and MS, but there hasn’t been any real data on the effect of COVID-19 on people living with MS. That’s finally changed, and we’re beginning to see some limited data here in the U.S., as well as data coming out of Italy. My guest is Dr. Robert Shin and we’re talking about what the experts are learning from this newly-published data about the effect of COVID-19 on MS. We’ll also get into whether someone getting Ocrevus infusions today should be worrying about the effectiveness of a COVID-19 vaccine. We’ll talk about the things that people living with MS should be thinking about as our local communities begin to re-open for business. And we’ll get into how the COVID-19 pandemic might affect MS care in the future. We’re also talking about the new COVID-19 Emergency Food Assistance Program for people living with MS, cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. We’ll tell you about the COVID-19 at-home test kit that received FDA approval last week. It only requires a simple saliva sample, making it a much more user-friendly test. And you’ll hear about the MS disease-modifying therapy that may actually help people recover from COVID-19 faster. We have a lot to talk about! Are you ready for RealTalk MS??! COVID-19 & Nursing Homes (…and why I care!) :21 At-Home COVID-19 Saliva Test Receives FDA Approval 4:43 COVID-19 Emergency Food Assistance Program Available for People Living with MS 6:09 Study Shows MS Medication May be Helpful in Speeding Up Recovery from COVID-19 8:11 My Interview with Dr. Robert Shin 11:13 Share this episode 30:12 The National MS Society COVID-19 Response Fund 30:43 SHARE THIS EPISODE OF REALTALK MS Just copy this link & paste it into your text or email: https://realtalkms.com/141 ADD YOUR VOICE TO THE CONVERSATION I’ve always thought about the RealTalk MS podcast as a conversation. And this is your opportunity to join the conversation by sharing your feedback, questions, and suggestions for topics that we can discuss in future podcast episodes. Please shoot me an email or call the RealTalk MS Listener Hotline and share your thoughts! Email: jon@realtalkms.com Phone: (310) 526-2283 And don’t forget to join us on the RealTalk MS Facebook group! LINKS If your podcast app doesn’t allow you to click on these links, you’ll find them in the show notes in the RealTalk MS app or at www.RealTalkMS.com National MS Society’s Ask An MS Expert Video Replay What You Need to Know About Coronavirus (COVID-19) National MS Society COVID-19 Response Fund COVID-19 Emergency Food Assistance Program Application Triple Combination of Interferon Beta 1b, Lopinavir-Ritonavir, and Ribavirin in the Treatment of Patients Admitted to Hospital with COVID-19: An Open-Label, Randomised, Phase 2 Trial Join the RealTalk MS Facebook Group Download the RealTalk MS App for iOS Download the RealTalk MS App for Android Give RealTalk MS a Rating & Review Follow RealTalk MS on Twitter, @RealTalkMS_jon, and subscribe to our newsletter at our website, RealTalkMS.com. RealTalk MS Episode 141 Hosted By: Jon Strum Guests: Dr. Robert Shin Tags: MS, MultipleSclerosis, MSResearch, MSActivist, MSSociety, Interferon, Betaseron, Ocrevus, Coronavirus, COVID19, RealTalkMS Privacy Policy

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